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We all want to be alive at the ImmoralityDate, and we want to be well? Okay, where do you stand on the wellness scale right now? To find out, take Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Calculator at Set wellness goals first then priorities follow.

Find out where to put your efforts first. What would an experienced wellness clinician say about where you are right now on the Optimal Health Secrets scale? There are many secrets that science has clarified for us over the last 50 years. How much do you know? AND, even though you may know things, how much are you actually doing?

The application of wellness knowledge is as important as having the knowledge itself. We can help you with both no matter where you live.


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See Dr. Ouellette's White Paper, the-race-is-on.pdf. 

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Is there a date when scientists predict that knowledge on genetics and biology will allow humans to modify the gene that causes aging and correct all aspects of aging? If there is such a date then it will have profound implications to the societies of the world. Many dramatic changes will occur and at a very fast pace. We need to consider the implications early and so, we would like to know now what that IMMORTALITY DATE is predicted to be.

Does the world have an immortality date for the human race?

Is human knowledge growing that fast?


There is a race on. That race is between when you will die, and when scientists will produce the aging gene blocker AND clean out all debris inside and outside cells. There are seven major ways we age and science is learning about all of them.

We will investigate this issue by polling and interviewing scientific specialists for their opinion. We see two main implications.

If there is a date when scientists predict that knowledge on genetics will allow humans to modify the gene that causes aging, then what is that date predicted to be?

It then quickly follows, "Will you be alive on that date?" If you want to be alive on that date then check out some of the other web sites on our network. They are all dedicated to helping you live long and be happy.

The network of web sites affiliated with the Canadian Lifestyle Health Care web site and the Immortalitydate web site, are dedicated to optimal health and wellness. We are helping you stay alive until the IMMORTALITY DATE, the date of the big people crunch, that date when death no longer occurs from aging. AND, pain relief is a big part of optimal health.


The Interviews
We are interested in what genetic specialists, and other specialists have to say on the Immortality Date. We thought you would be too so, we will post these specialist interviews on The Interview Page, Comments, as they are completed. This is a future project that will have to wait until we have time to get to it.


The Time Lines
We see two time lines. One is the lifespan of the average human, and the oldest human. That lifespan can be likened to a LifeDeathClock. Accidents can intervene, of course, but it seems we are genetically programmed for a specific lifespan. Getting to the end of that lifespan is what Optimal Health Secrets is all about.

The second time line we see has to do with scientific knowledge. More specifically it has to do with the point in time when science learns how to effectively and safely, modify human genes to eliminate this programmed death by the death gene. There are also possibly six other mechanisms of aging that also need to be worked out, but these all become just technical issues. With the exponential rate of growth of scientific knowledge, we think the immortality date is getting closer and closer.

Listen to what scientists in the genetics field have to say about the Immortality Date. The Interview Page.

If you are a scientist, and would like to be a guest on the webcast presented on the Interview page, or you would just like to voice your opinion on our online form page, then please contact us and we will explain how you can do this.


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